Neurofeedback / Biofeedback:

Five years old or more but the best time for using neurofeedback is elementary ages , specially for children with ADHD or LD disorders.

It’s useful whenever your brain works lazier than normal which includes disorders such as ADHD ,learning disability , problems like sleeping problems , gnash and chronic pains like children’s migraines .It also helps people with their mood disorder such as anxiety , depression and hard diseases like epilepsy and brain damages .

Finishing the courses is really important just like any other treatment courses , if you don’t finish the courses ,it may cause the returning of symptoms . just remember neurofeedback is exactly like learning , your brain learns how to be repaired it self . just exactly like driving , you learn how to drive and you never forget it and remember for the best result cooperate with your family and do exactly as your therapist says .for examples after researching on ADHD children of USA , the affects of treatments remained within 10 years .

According to the researches , the success percentage of improving disorders such as ADHD, learning disability (LD) & anxiety is about 80 to 90 % . What’s the side effects of using neurofeedback : during neurofeedback treatment , your brain learns how to self regulate , no foreign material would invade your body so there is no side effects or dangers in the processes .

The applications of neurofeedback for disorders such as ADHD , anxiety have confirmed by FDA . it’s been using in 1000 clinical centers of USA and more than 50 countries in the world .

Lately , the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has given a new prescription of mental- social intervention for children and adults which consider the EEG method as the best method for ADHD disorders .Biofeedback also has confirmed by FDA & CE .

It’s hard to tell which one of the method has been used more than others , because using biofeedback …….

Vilistus question part

There are vilistus devises with 4 and 8 channels . this devise has sensors for EEG which is capable of recording two EEG channels all at one entrance .so vilistus-4 can record 8 and vilistus-8 can record 16 channels of EEG .this devise is really valuable for recording QEEG & ERP .

Vilistus can work with P3 protocol ,so software such as Bioera , Brainbay or any other software which can work with P3 protocol also can work with vilistus .

Yes , it is . you can join the vilistus devises together for recording EEG & ERP .

HRV is the method to determine the amount of anxiety our body can hear and also it can tell us how well our body is recovering itself several factors influence HRV such as readiness level , age , genetics ,during anxiety HRV will be decreased .

You may want to connect one sensor to each client or use some of the sensors to record conscious and unconscious responses .you can join s EMG ,ECG,EEG,heart rate , respiration and skin temperature with this devise . It is also possible to synchronize recording data with auditory stimulus .

What is the application of GSR . skin resistance gives us an indicator of situation and changing emotional this sensor is really useful for psychotherapist and hyphotherapists .because it can the influence of treatment interventions and hypnotism suggestion on client . First , the weack electrice current would be passed through skin then the skin resistance will be measured by thropist . Because the skin resistance can be influenced by sweating and skin humidity ,you can measure the amount of anxiety or relaxation .

Body temperature gives us an indicator of anxiety .there are also some witnesses which are implication of the fact that skin temperature changes can control the effects of migraines .

Exam readiness , problem solving ,behavioral problems , pain managements , anxiety management , ADHD/ADD , migraine , depression , seasonal , affective disorders , reducing appetite , increasing energy , loosing weight .

BVP,GSR,SC,GMG,ECG,EEG, environment temperature ,hand and serial trigger , pelvic muscles sensors . You also can use our intermediate voltage sensor for any other sensors you want to use with vilistus .

It’s been used to reach the deepest level of meditation . For more than 40 years . vilistus has produced a new version of mind mirror 6 which has the ability to help researchers to reach concentrated mind in accordance with consciousness rules expressed by for more information refer to mind mirror instruction .

Shootseer is the program shows shooter where the bullet has gone . it also can measure heart rate ,α,β,and respiration .

Not only on windows ,vilistus also can play on Linux ,and Ios .

Yes , you can export them to different formats ( such as EDF ,CSV ) for analyzing on MATLAB , EXEL and SPSS .

Pelvic floor muscle

You and all women need kegel , if you don’t strengthen you’re pelvic muscles ,they will get weaker and weaker over the time .

Kegel8 pelfit ,kegel8 ultra , Tight &Thone are exercising devices which work sending electronic pulses to you’re pelvic floor muscles .these electronic pules will construct muscles and increase blood circulation in you’re pelvic floor muscles . blood would bring oxygen which feed . you’re muscles so in the result you’re pelvic floor muscles will be strengthened and the discharges will be decreased .

Pelvic exercising should be part of you’re life style just like any other exercise .if you stop using it . you’re muscles might get weaker all over again .

Yes ,it also can make the pain go away .

It’s been recommended not to provoke vaginal during the pregnancy .

Push the probes in side you’re vaginal about 5.5 cm .

Yes , the better to use kegel gel provides moisture .kegel 8 ultra , tight & tone work better in humidity .

Rinse the probes and only the probes .the vines must remain completely dry . do not boil them ,it’s necessary to clean the probes specially if you use them for anus , because there is a possibility of transporting bacteria .

Consult it with you’re doctor . using device might accelerate the recovery course .

For the beginning start the exercises once a day and if you are looking for earlier result .you can do the exercises twice a day but do not make them consecutive ,take a break after each using after twelve weeks you can reduce the exercises down to twice to a week . the relaxation exercises which could be done any time you want is not included .

Yes , some of the women has reported that symptom got worse or then discharges has increased . You should know you’re muscles be provoked and you’re blood circulation will be increased during the exercised so you may feel you’re prolapse more than ever . just be patient because this level is right before you’re muscles get strong ,if you’re treating you’re urinary incontinence .you may feel you’re symptom is getting worse but as you carry on , the more exercising you do , the stronger you’re muscles will get .