Brain map (QEEG)

Language brain

As we said in describing the brain and its function , the human brain contains billions of nerve cells. these cells communicate with each other and other cells throughout the body, they exchanged nerve impulses. nerve impulses have electro-chemical nature.  here we work more with the electrical nature of nerve witch called electrical signal. at any moment in billions of electrical signals are commuting in nerve cells .the sum of these nerve signals cause creating the electric field  in the brain and its surroundings. now we know that nerve cells and different parts of the brain communicate with each other through electrical signals, in fact , language of brain is electrical signal,  or electrical activity , . to understand how the brain works and what it says we should translate its tongue. there are different ways to translate the language of the brain (brain electrical activity) which are collectively referred to signal processing methods. one approach is that breaks the electrical activity of the different frequencies and then categorize them based on frequency and function. in this case, the signals are classified according to frequency, called Brain waves .

Brain Waves

So brain waves is the electrical signals of brain that have been categorized by frequency. the band also called categories. the main groups are: Delta, Theta, Alpha, SMR, beta (1 and 2) and gamma. Each of these bands are associated with a specific function in the brain:

Wave frequency (Hz) form of function wave delta 3-5 /

REM sleep (without dreams), growth hormone and repair of body tissues, the biological clock Theta 7-4

Learning excellent (children tend to activate  theta when learning), feel of peace Static and, High acceptance , reprogramming the mind, fantasy, creative thinking and without self-censorship and calling uncomfortable and painful memories stored in memory

 Alpha 12-8

Relaxation , closing eyes ,enjoying the pleasure of environment, optimal performance, lower anxiety, stronger immune system, positive thinking, integrity of mind and body, intuition, introspection, emotional balance, joy, inner awareness and increase the secretion of serotonin SMR 15- 12

Strengthen the mind and body, processing and focus on peace, harmony between the environment and the person, help to fall asleep and regulation of body movements beta-37-14

Complex mental functions (speech, debate , etc ), extraordinary thinking, alertness, concentration, emotional stability, mathematical calculations, increased metabolism of gamma-90-38

Organizing the brain and coordination of information from different parts of the body, good memory, high speed transfer data,  processing high levels of information and learning complex problems.

All these waves are generating in all moments in the brain, But based on different conditions that we have , some produce waves more than the others , which means their intensity is high or low. healthy brain produces certain forms of waves in different scenarios . as we explained  the functioning of waves is obtained accordingly . the device that measures brain waves and informed us of brain function , called QEEG .

Brain map or QEEG: Quantitative ElectroEncephaloGraphy

QEEG have the electrodes when placed on the scalp, received electrical signals (the electrical activity of the brain) and by the interface wire transfer to the computer. in computer by doing the math , these signals are classified as brain waves and determined the severity and location of their production. QEEG After measuring waves, assign them a specific color in terms of their seriousness. we said that any of the waves have a certain intensity and location in specified conditions which shows normal. Green represent normal mode. if the intensity wave is measured by the device is higher than normal (which is a sign of a problem in brain function), the device show it with yellow, orange or red . If the intensity of the wave is generated less than normal (Which again is indicative of a problem in brain function ), the device shows blue and purple.  We can show them with colorful probes . We said that at any moment all the waves generate in all fields , so the machine draws separate heads for different bands. The colorful probes are called the brain map. The color of each wave is achieved by comparing the measured amount in the client 's brain with normal. Since each of the various problems and disorders such as AD / HD and LD arise as a result of a problem in brain function and result the amount of brain waves ,The brain map of healthy persons  is different from a brain map of AD / HD ones . In this way, an expert studying the brains of different people , discovering the problem or take their abilities. Information from QEEG include:

A: frequency

Waves by frequency divided into several categories. there are all brain waves  at any moment, but  in different condition prevail with a special wave. The following are briefly presented the most important waves with their application.

B: amplitude

Amplitude of each wave  indicates the intensity of the wave and is measured in micro-volts. For example, when said the Delta range is high that's mean Delta 's amount of activity is high .

C : symmetry

Symmetry, shows what amount of the activity in a specific region on one side of the brain is similar to the other side of it. in this way, each person can itself be used as reference. Mostly , activity in anywhere , must resemble the activities in the corresponding point on the opposite side of the head.

(D) Coherence

Coherence shows that how close the places can communicate with each other . there is the ideal of the relationship between places . if the connection is very high, which means that the brain has devoted much energy to do a similar job and this is not the correct use of resources. very little communication between locations also means that the brain does not make optimal use of their resources. communication in the brain can imagine in the form of a ship's crew . if the captain issued a directive to one of the crew based on solving a problem , on one side of the ship, not wise the other crew unreasonable left to its own position and  assault. Similarly, if none of the crew not linked together, steer the ship soon will break down.

Ready to test QEEG

* Use shampoo at least three times the day of having test.

* Do not use oil, gel, conditioner, plasticizing or hair spray, as well as cosmetics

 on the forehead.

* Avoid  to weaving and Closing hair

* Do not use of earrings or jewelry in the test day.

* If you use glasses for reading , be sure to take it with you. Do not use the lens , because may be bothering you and thus interfere in getting a good test .

* Avoid the use of irritating substances such as coffee, tea, smoking, caffeinated drinks, and esc . it is also necessary to be avoided using of illegal drugs and purchased from untrusted sources , Foods, plants or herbal tea that affect the sleep / relaxation or awakening / lurch on the day of testing .

* Having any history and records related to neurological tests and the results of previous psychological interviews .

* Before testing rest enough to be fresh . eating a snack before the test it will be useful.

* during having test , sit easily on a chair and wearing a cap with 19 electrodes ( based on the  international standards) . To increase the electrical conductivity and carefully record the waves , the special gel is used. The electrodes receive the generated waves in your brain in different situations (such as eyes closed and eyes open) and transferred to the computer.