Application Upgrades of Performance

Time of life is short, This opportunity of life and being that  has given us , Is unique and once and for all , Life is precious . We believe that we must make every effort to improve the quality of our lives and our fellows. human is powerful. no one without accepting the deprivations and its limitations can experience the true meaning of truth and victory .  But the potential and capabilities within each individual set of lies the only way to achieve a real sense of success and happiness, highlight and identify them.

Performance Upgrades

Good memory and poor memory, vitality and depression, concentration and distraction, proper attention and Neglect ... and finally, optimal performance and poor performance in what thing in common? The answer is: they are products of brain function. Optimum performance is achieved when your brain is doing the best and most efficient form. While problems and overall poor performance when occurs the brain does not work as it should do. most people think that optimal performance is  in the sense of hard work, However, that achieve optimum performance in the sense of having the highest efficiency with the minimum energy and this happens if the brain can take the best advantage of their resources.

In order to improve the performance of the individual and empower him to Management stress   , use of two technology-based methods that named Biofeedback and neurofeedback .

Empower your brain!

By using Neurofeedback and biofeedback can be aware of your body and improve brain function and their functions. These methods teach the brain to increase their capabilities and other parts of the body. in neurofeedback and biofeedback instead of giving fish to the brain , teach it fishing!

Attention and focus:

Attention :

Good attention skills, increase your ability to remove items that are thrown your senses and also increases your efficiency at work and home. for example, if you drive more carefully, finish your work on time and when you're reading a text , stay safe of entering and curiosity on the Internet.

Divided attention

Divided attention

A process by which you can do several tasks at the same time. for example, when you turn on your computer, at the same time the phone rings, this divided attention will allow you do not open the wrong file and yet sympathize with someone who has suffered an uncomfortable accident .Within a minute, your boss via SMS waiting for an answer that should be in the same file you're looking for it , Founded it and send and Telephone conversation com be  sensitive .

If you have a good divided attention, you can open the file without error, find intended subject and read and then made no mistake in the text ,send the message to your boss and yet keeps in meaningful conversation with a friend.


Focus means the ability to maintain continuous mind on something (just do) They're doing. You will start  end of year exams tomorrow . now your favorite football team is playing in a crucial match and you're studying. for another example would be to listen carefully to what one person pointed out in a crowded room.

Cognitive empowerment:

Cognitive empowerment, a way to upgrade the brain's skills and capabilities required athletes who performed with the help of computer programs and games. This apps and games are designed in such a way that the person put in certain situations and  demanding special response from him. Appropriate response to these situations requires the use of specific brain skills such as working memory, problem solving, spatial calculation and so on. In this way, by doing the exercises and the use of the brain to give correct answers, little by little these skills of brain grow.

Working memory :

Working memory refers to the storage of information in a short period of time and have the key and central function for a large number of cognitive tasks and academic success. In fact, working memory, has gained a lot of acceptance as the most important indicator in determining individual , specialized and educated performance .

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of brain function by brain map:

Using brain map (QEEG) can be met for concrete with brain function. The map can be identified the areas of the brain that work right and areas which are deficient. accurate diagnosis of the problem of brain function, is the first step in treatment and recovery.