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  • Neurofeedback

    What is neurofeedback?
    You should know that various systems and devices need to be in order to work correctly and in the best way
    Set up This is especially true when several different systems are supposed to be together.

  • Biofeedback

    What is biofeedback?
    Biofeedback acts much like a neurofeedback, in fact its neurofeedback is a biofeedback.
    A biofeedback allows us to take on the physiological functions of our body that appear to be uncontrollable,
    Control such as heart rate, body temperature, rhythm of breathing and sweating of the skin. You must pay attention when

  • Brain Map

    What is a brain map (QEEG)?
    The language of the brain
    As we explained in the brain's description and function, the human brain has billions of nerve cells. These cells exchange neural signals to communicate with each other and other cells throughout the body. Neural signals have an electrical-chemical nature. We are here ... click

  • YMS
  • urinary incontinence


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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items