polysomnograph device (PSG)

The device fits for studies and sleep disorder with too strong software for the analysis of sleep events, body position and other factors ....

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Medicom-MTD companies in Russia is one of the most successful company in the field of Production neuroscience machines in the world .The company could introduce as branded according to good and excellent approach in recent years .The great merits of the company , is highly detailed structure of products that professionally operates both in hardware and software .


( Medina Teb-wide company MTD is the exclusive representative in Iran )

two models 25 and 45-channel

2 to 20 channels EEG

Sign breathing, snoring and locomotors activity

Sensors (EOG.EMG.ECG.BPV) and breathing

Suitable for a variety of sleep studies

The very accurate software with full analysis of sleep events


Ability to work with battery