Pelvic muscle biofeedback device (clinical)

What is urinary incontinence?

According to the International Association of bladder control:

Urinary incontinence is a condition that with the loss of urine; found a clear social or health problem and this urine leakage to be real and observable . of course the newer definition , suffice to involuntary loss of urine ......

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These devices are used in medical centers and important features of the device can be said to have two probe

Biofeedback probe body model (pneumatic)

Electrical probe

Can be used in clinics and medical centers

Evaluate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

Kegel exercises combined with biofeedback method

Elimination problem Urinary incontinence

Strengthen pelvic muscles after childbirth and regenerate muscles

Improve sagging belly after giving birth

Reduce pain (childbirth) decrease sexual intercourse pain and strengthen muscles

Enhance the quality of married life