Neurofeedback applications

Neurofeedback applications

 You know which systems and various devices need adjusting, in order to work properly and to the fullest. this is more important when several different systems is supposed to do special work together, that's where the debate is drawn to the coordination and scheduling system.

Human is a complex machine that is made up of different systems. these systems work together harmoniously to build our human actions and they have formed more detailed systems.  you certainly felt that when all these systems work together properly and fully coordinated , we're in our highest performance. therefore, from this perspective ,our health depends on knowledge of the different parts of the body and their performance and then modify and adjust each of them .

One of the important systems in our body is brain , and maybe  the most important and most complex system ever known. Brain is body's commander and it's behind all our actions and thoughts and feelings. the brain is a complex system which has section and the various sectors that they work together. So we can say that brain function and capabilities depends on regulation and coordination of its various components .

Set the brain:

Neurofeedback is the device that performs the work setting and bug fixes brain. in the brain and its function ,said that the brain consists of nerve cells they make neural networks in the brain. different parts of the brain (a set of neural networks) have different functions and  activity of this network, produce various brain waves in different situations. If any of these networks  do their work properly and also be consistent with each other, your brain does a perfect job. But several issues (such as stress or sometimes genetic) influence on these networks and they interfere in their work. attention and concentration problems, memory loss, learning difficulties and  also behavioral are resulted problem in the brain. Neurofeedback   aware us of our brain function, and then helps correct it and adjust.

How neurofeedback regulates the brain ?

 Neurofeedback translate the brain function for brain waves and then shows that waves in the form of a computer game or movie. Consider a child with AD / HD  disorder  sitting in front of a computer monitor and watching a movie or playing a computer game. The number of electrodes that are placed on the head and are attached to the ears , measure his brain waves . device shows the brain waves in different types . on the screen in front of the therapist, brain waves can be seen in the form of colorful columns. each column represents a particular wave. In ADHD children, being more Theta and beta2  waves than normal condition ,respectively cause distraction and anxiety .in other side , the weakness in the children's sensory-motor coordination , is sign of decline SMR , so in the treatment of these children , make suppress Theta  and  Beta 2 waves and reinforcing SMR .  the waves is reinforced by the game, children must try to win the game. If he can reduce theta and beta  2 and increase the SMR waves, wins. Step by step the child continues to play , his brain learns how this happens unconsciously and  that's when the brain learns new performance. that's how during a training course the brain learns to correct and adjust itself.

Neurofeedback's therapy sessions:

Treatment sessions are held in separate partitions and quiet. therapist and client together, they sit on two comfortable chairs . in front of each monitor, which show different images. an electrode on the scalp and the electrodes are installed on both ears and with the help of a special glue ,Receive and transmit brain waves to a computer. in monitor contrast the therapist  , waves are seen as raw and as well as colored columns, while the child sees the waves on his monitor in the form of a game or movie.

Simultaneous use of Neuro / Biofeedback causes a person to coordinate brainwaves and other physiological functions such as heart rate, breathing rhythm and esc , and thus have more control over your mind and body and to more effectively control the focus, and your anxiety.

The number and duration of meetings:

The duration of each session is approximately one hour that is devoted to neurofeedback / biofeedback  took the time to do exercises and other assignments. meetings continue three days a week (every other day) for 40 sessions (on average about children with ADHD and LD). the number of sessions is variable and depends on timely and regular attendance at meetings, the severity of the problem, full cooperation with the health care team and perform various assignments at home.

The uses of Neurofeedback have a significant impact on the treatment of many disorders, including AD / HD, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive, anxiety, learning disabilities and esc . Other uses:

* Set of attention, improve concentration, balance Alert / arousal

* Manage and reduce stress

* The ability to cope with hard work, energy saving and to stay away from fatigue or burnout

* Increase creativity

* Improving decision making and reduce errors

* Rapid recovery inner peace in a stressful situation

* Increased awareness

* Reduce anxiety

* Accelerated learning

* Improved sense of forgiveness

* Strengthen communication skills

* Improve Memory

* The ability to jump back to the present

* More ready to accept the changes

* Reduction temperament

* Balancing internal critics

* Improved internal management and emotional reactions

* The ability to easily switch attention from task to task

* Increase motivation

* Increase self-actualization

* Increase sense of self-protection

* Increase self-acceptance

  History Neurofeedback

Its all begun in the 1960s . Dr. Barry Astrman , researcher at the University of California UCLA ,was doing research about the neurological activity that was associated with sleep that discovered waves of 14 Hz  in the EEG brain of experimented cats . the waves were associated with decreased muscle tension in cats and later assumed the name of SMR.  Dr. Astrman and his team continued its investigation to see if the cats produce SMR waves In their brain in exchange for rewards (milk) .  the answer was yes, and the result was satisfactory. followed it , Dr. Astrman took research guide for NASA to assess toxic rocket fuel (People who were exposed to fuel States experiencing vomiting, headache, increased breathing (bleeding), hallucinations and seizures were).Dr. Astrman exposed the cats to massive amounts of fuel and he saw cases of vomiting , noise, increased bleeding, salivation, seizures and death to follow. But a group of cats showed other reaction  that was surprised the research team. they were able to stop the attacks at the highest dose than tolerated dose of other ones . the group refer to cat's records found that this group of cats, prior to this, during the sleep study, had been trained by SMR. Dr. Astrman continued his research on humans and in patients with epilepsy . he has written many articles on the use of neurofeedback.

So far , no negative effects of neurofeedback has been reported, but all effects, which have been positive. The worst case is that neurofeedback can't create change in your symptoms.