One of the most important parts of activity of Medina Teb company ,Holding "courses and workshops" with collaboration of prestigious centers in different areas and learning better use the company's products  .these courses include education courses based on innovative technologies.

The company is proud to be the official and exclusive sponsor Paarand Specialized and empower centers , Hold specialized program based on innovative technologies, with a score of retraining The system of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and counseling and Psychology organization in Iran for dear professionals .


Some of periodic company-wide Medina medicine:


      Basic neurofeedback

      Advanced neurofeedback


     Specialized Biofeedback

      TDCS period

      RTMS course

      Specialized courses ADHD-LD

      QEEG courses

      Specialized courses ERP

      Specialized courses EP

      NeuroMarketing period


for awareness of holding training workshops , you can apply through one of the following methods:

Contact 88776400 Interior Number of 1  Paarand  Specialized  and empower  centers

Contact 88653017 Interior Number 9    Medina-wide Teb company Register in our newsletter